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Latte and the magic Waterstone


Plot Summary

Latte is not your ordinary easygoing and cudly little hedgehog! She is full to the brim with energy outmatched only by her selfassured attitude and an almost too vivid imagination. Obviously she is never short of fast and often fantastic answers or explanations. She loves to tell stories, to anyone who want - or not want - to listen, in which she seems to accidently appear as the fearless heroine that always saves the day. Nedless to say that when one day the animals of the forest weak up to discover that the magic waterstone has gone missing and that the forest are facing a drought the will lead them all to exstintion, Latte bravely, and loudly, announces that she herself will recover the magic waterstone from the claws of the dispicaple Bear King who stole it. Much to her dismay, Tjum the squirrel is assigned to join her. The annoing little squirrel just might discover that Latte's mouth is a tad bigger than her actual courage. But both Latte and Tjum will soon have to overcome their mutual dislikes and learn to work together as a team as the two unlikely heroes suddenly finds themselves on most challenging adventure of their life!

Category Animation, Coming, Feature films
Original title Latte Igel und der magische Wasserstein
Genre CGI Animated Feature Film
Target Audience Family
Status In Production
Running Time 81-85 minutes
Language English
Script Andrea Deppert, Martin Behnke - based on the same named children's book by Sebastian Lybeck
Production Companies Parka Pictures APS, Dreamin' Dolphin Film GmbH, Eagle Eye Filmproduktion UG & Grid Animation
Producers Lilian Klages, Mark Mertens
Director Regina Welker and Nina Wels
Format 1:1,85
Sound 5.1, 2.0
Year of Production 2019
Release tbd., Koch Media

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