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Thabo and the Rhino Case

Plot Summary

Eleven-year-old Thabo wants to become a private detective like in the movies. If only his home, the small African village of Hlatikulu, was not the most peaceful savannah paradise. But things take a sudden turn when a rhino is murdered in the neighboring safari park because of its precious horn. Thabo’s uncle Vusi, of all people, is under suspicion. Now it is up to Thabo and his new friend Emma from Germany to not only take care of the abandoned baby rhino but also investigate and capture the culprits.

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union.


Laurel 1 Gijón International Film Festival – Enfants Terribles Competition 2023


Category Feature films, Live action
Original title Thabo - Das Nashornabenteuer
Status Completed
Running Time 97 min
Language English, German
Script Martin Gypkens, Ursula Gruber
Production Companies Desert Flower Filmproductions GmbH, Senator Film Produktion GmbH
Producers Peter Herrmann
Director Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt
Cast Litlhohonolofatso Litlhakayane, Ava Skuratowski, Andrea Sawatzki, Kumkani Pilonti
Year of Production 2023

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