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Pixi Post & The Gift Bringers

Plot Summary

For centuries, the many Christmas genies of the world have worked together to bring magic and happiness to children. This year, however, former genie Monopolish is determined to become The One and Only Christmas Genie and launches a vicious attack on the secret Genies’ Forum. All hope for the survival of Christmas rests with Pixi Post, a technologically reclusive elf, who must use all her wits and skills to thwart his evil plan and become the saviour of Christmas.

Category Animation, Christmas features
Original title Pixi Post y los Genios de Navidad
Status Completed
Running Time 91
Language English, Spanish, Basque
Script Edorta Barruetabeña
Production Companies Somuga, Bitebilau, Digitz Films
Producers Juanjo Elordi, Felipe Morell
Director Gorka Sesma
Format 1:1,78
Sound 5.1
Year of Production 2016
Release December 23rd, 2016

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