Lila's Book

Plot Summary

Lila, a character in a children's story book, suddenly falls out of her paper world and ends up trapped in a place she doesn't belong ... And so starts this great adventure where Lila discovers that the only person who can save her is Ramon, the owner of the book who hasn’t read it for many years...

But it's not going to be easy; Ramon is no longer the little boy he was, he has grown up and has not only stopped reading, but has also stopped believing in fantasy. Lila and her new friend Manuela set out to convince him of what's happening and together they face a dangerous journey to the Desert of Lost Memories, to retrieve Lila's lost book. 

In this adventure through magical worlds, children will explore and discover the true value of friendship and the power of fantasy.

Category Animation
Original title El Libro de Lila
Target Audience Family
Status Completed
Running Time 76
Language Spanish
Production Companies Fosfenos Media (COL) – Palermo Estudio (URU)
Producers Maritza Rincón González
Director Marcela Rincón González
Format 1:1,85
Sound 5.1, 2.0
Year of Production 2017
Release Cincecolor Films, September 28th 2017

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