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Journey to the Christmas Star

Plot Summary

It’s just before Christmas when 14 years old Sonja arrives in a small village with a band of thieves that have been holding her captive. The village is cursed. Once, the King’s only daughter, Goldenhair went into the dark forest to find the Christmas Star and never re- turned. The King subsequently cursed the star and darkness and sadness descended on his kingdom. Wise men prophesied that if the Christmas Star is found before ten years passes, the prin- cess will return, if not, she will be lost forever. This Christmas is the King’s last chance to find the star. Sonja manages to elude the thieves by escaping into the castle. She overhears the King’s sad story just before she is discovered and captured. The count wants to throw her in the dungeon, but the king feels sympathy for her. To thank him for releasing her from the thieves she promises him to find the Christmas Star. The count has betrayed the king all these years. Together with the evil witch, they set out on a mission – to thwart Sonja’s plan and get rid of the heiress to the throne forever! Sup- ported by witchcraft and magic ravens, they set out to stop Sonja – certainly an easy prey... On her journey, through a magnificent snow-clad landscape, her kindness and courage lead her to a variety of magical helpers like the little forest elf Moss, who introduces her to the enchanted world inside the tree trunks where elf powder makes you change your size and mushrooms are used as umbrellas. The wisdom of the elves shows her the way to find the Christmas Star: Only Father Christmas himself can help her, so that her journey leads her all the way to the North Pole. Riding on the back of a big brown bear and soaring through the air on the North Wind are the only way to get there! Arriving at Father Christmas’ workshop in the magical ice dome, she is let in on the secrets of how Christmas wishes come true – and can finally make a wish to find the Christmas Star! Just when she finds what she was looking for, her mighty foes capture her. How can she reveal the truth about the Christmas Star – and find out the truth about herself?

Category Christmas features, Live action
Original title Reisen til Julestjernen
Target Audience Familly
Status Completed
Running Time 85 minutes
Language English, Norwegian (OV)
Script Kamilla Krogsveen, based on the screenplay of the same title by Sverre Brandt
Production Companies Moskus Film
Producers Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen, Jain Eirik Langøen
Director Nils Gaup (Academy Award Nominee for "Pathfinder")
Cast Agnes Kittelsen (Happy Happy), Anders Baasmo Christensen (Kontiki, North)
Sound 5.1, 2.0
Year of Production 2012
Release Walt Disney Company Nordic

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