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A Horse on the Balcony

Plot Summary

The discovery of a horse on the balcony of a neighbour’s apartment one winter’s night completely transforms the life of 10-year-old Mika, who embarks on a series of crazy adventures to save the horse before it’s too late.

Category Live action
Original title Das Pferd auf dem Balkon
Genre CGI Animated Feature Film
Target Audience Family/Children
Status Completed
Running Time 90 min
Language German, English subtitles available
Script Milan Dor, freely adapting the novel by his father Milo Dor
Production Companies Mini Film, Vienna, Austria
Producers Katja Dor-Helmer
Director Hüseyin Tabak
Cast Enzo Gaier, Natasa Paunovic, Andreas Kiendl, Nora Tschirner
Format 1:1,85
Sound 5.1, 2.0
Year of Production 2012

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