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Plot Summary

During a big storm, Elias gets an emergency call from the neighboring city Big Harbor, asking him to rescue a ship in trouble. Elias succeeds and is head hunted to Big Harbor leaving his friends behind. But work in Big Harbor turns out to be much harder than expected. One evening Elias has a run-in with a local gang and discovers that they are mining an illegal precious metal, which emits electromagnetic waves that affect the weather. Elias will soon find out that what he needs most to be able to expose the mining operation is the help of his old friends…

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union.

Category Animation
Original title Elias og Storegaps Hemmelighet
Genre CGI Animated Feature Film
Target Audience Family
Status Completed
Running Time 75 min.
Language English, Norwegian OV
Script Simen Alsvik and Karsten Fullu
Production Companies Animando & Qvisten Animation
Producers Sigurd Slåttebrekk
Director Simen Alsvik and William John Ashurst
Format 1:1,85, theatrical material on DCP
Sound 5.1, 2.0
Year of Production 2017
Release 06.10.2017

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