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When Santa Fell To Earth
  • “A big-hearted Holiday Tale by the bestselling author of DRAGONRIDER and the INKHEART trilogy. Magical.” The Washington Post (book review)
  • Based on the novel by bestselling author Cornelia Funke
    (Ink Heart Trilogy, Prince of Thieves)
  • German Release: Constantin Film Nov. 24th 2011
  • Produced by Uschi Reich – Bavaria Filmverleih und Produktions GmbH
  • Currently in Post-Production
The last thing Charlotte and Ben expected is that Santa crash lands onto their street in the middle of a thunderstorm just before Christmas. This being only the beginning of what turns out to be a remarkable series of Christmas adventures, including chases, fake Santas and vicious nutcrackers to name just some of them ...

Long Synopsis
Christmas is just two weeks away, it is pouring with rain, and Ben is struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. He and his parents have just moved to town, where his mum has big plans to open her new pastry shop. As Ben’s dad lost his job at the bank some time ago, it’s a great chance for the family to make a fresh start. However, Ben is finding it difficult fitting in at his new school and wishes he could feel more at home here. Suddenly, Ben’s life takes a turn for the better when Santa Niklas Goodfellow and his Christmas caravan come crashing down to Earth in the middle of thunderstorm and land in Foggy Lane.

Santa is on the run from the ruthless Gerold Geronimus Goblynch and his army of nutcrackers who have outlawed all of the old magical ways and have transformed the bright and peaceful Christmas world into a dark and hostile place, governed by greed and money. Goblynch has banned work for all Santas and confined the Christmas angels to tiny prison cells, where they can no longer hear the dearest wishes of children. Goblynch also wants to force Santa Niklas Goodfellow, the last real Santa, to work for his commercialized Christmas company and forces him to do hard labour in the ordering department of the Christmas Palace.

Then one dark night, helped by his trusty companions – Christmas angels Matilda and Emmanuel and the Christmas elves Flybeard and Spillbeard – Goodfellow steals away from the palace and, with his mischievous reindeer Twinklestar pulling his Christmas caravan, escapes by the skin of his teeth with Goblynch and his nutcracker army hot on his tail. When Twinklestar bolts in the middle of a thunderstorm, Niklas and his caravan come plummeting down to Earth.

Luckily for him, he crash-lands in a friendly neighbourhood, where he meets Ben, and much to Ben’s dismay, his classmate Charlotte. Santa has landed in a whole lot of trouble and needs to get away before the nutcrackers find him, but without his currently missing marzipan-loving reindeer, Twinklestar, who is invisible in the “normal” world, he is stranded. In return for Ben’s help in finding his reindeer, Niklas offers Ben the best Christmas ever. Ben and Charlotte and Charlotte's dog, Mutt, join forces to help Niklas preserve all that is magical and special about Christmas. And if finding an invisible reindeer were not difficult enough, if Niklas fails to fight off Goblynch, Christmas may be lost forever...

The film WHEN SANTA FELL TO EARTH is based on the novel of the same name written by bestselling German author Cornelia Funke. The book is inspired by the desire to rekindle that childhood joy and overall sense of wonder that Christmas brings. Pure entertainment for the whole family, the film is brimming with magic, suspense and lovable characters and is a thrilling ride into the fantastical world of Santa Claus that will leave everyone in the Christmas spirit!

The creative team
Director     Oliver Dieckmann
CastAlexander Sheer, Jessica Schwarz, Volker Lechtenbrink,
Noah Kraus, Mercedes Jadea Diaz
Producer       Uschi Reich – Bavaria Filmverleih und Produktions GmbH

Cornelia Funke is the author of the Inkheart Trilogy, The Thief Lord and a lot of other popular children’s novels. Her international break-through came with the fantasy novel Dragon Rider (1996), which stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 78 weeks, and was continued with The Thief Lord (2000, translated into English in 2002), which immediately climbed to the #2 position of the New York Times bestseller list, stayed there for 19 weeks and sold 1.5 million copies.  Her follow-up novel was Inkheart (2003).  The trilogy concluded with Inkdeath. Inkheart the movie was also released in 2008 and starred Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren and Paul Bettany. Funkes last novel Reckless was released worldwide in September 2010.

Ever since Uschi Reich took over the management of Bavaria Filmverleih und Produktions GmbH in 1996, she became one of the most successful producers of German children‘s and juvenile films. When producing the movies “Here comes Lola!”, „Wild Chicks 1-3“, „Bibi Blocksberg 1+2“ and the fi lm adaptions of the three Erich Kästner books “Punktchen and Anton”, “Emil and the Detectives” and „The Flying Classroom” (1998-2002), she made sure young talents behind and in front of the camera were given a chance to prove their skills – and sure was rewarded for it by a tremendous box-office success as well as by numerous awards such as the Golden Lola awarded to her for “The Flying Classroom” and the Bavarian Film Award. „A Year ago in Winter“, won the Silver Lola, i.e. the German Film Award in Silver at the German Film Awards 2009.

Technical Details
Genre      Family Adventure
StatusReady for Delivery
Ready for Delivery    Fall 2011
World Cinema Premiere,
Germany (Constantin Film)      
November 2011
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