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MARCO MACACO - Let's go Bananas!
Marco the Monkey, underrated beach officer on a tropical island, can finally prove himself a super cool cop by revealing that charming Carlo’s casino is a giant robot built for an infamous coup!

Short Synopsis
In his dreams, Marco Macaco is a cool cop solving major crimes – in fact, he is just a dedicated beach officer on a tropical island where nothing seems to happen. His hopes to win beautiful Lulu’s heart get shattered when charming Carlo arrives on the island to build a gigantic monkey-shaped casino right on Marco's beach. Jealous and suspicious of his rival, Marco starts an undercover investigation and reveals the incredible truth: Carlo wants to take over the island and instate himself as president! When Marco tries to arrest Carlo a problem rises. Literally from the ground. Because Carlo's Casino is a giant robot....

Long Synopsis
Beach officer Marco Macaco dreams of solving a big crime, but unfortunatley there is not much going on on his tropical island. So he spends most of his time trying to woo the beautiful Lulu. He is just about to succeed when newcomer Carlo builds a gigantic monkey-shaped casino right on Marco's beach. Lulu is fascinated by Carlo’s charms and intrigued by his offer to make her a star in her own show at the casino. Jealously Marco starts an undercover investigation of Carlo's strange casino and soon discovers the truth. Carlo wants to take over the island and instate himself as president! When Marco tries to confront Carlo everything goes wrong: he ruins Lulu’s first show and causes the President to fall from his high chair.  Lulu is upset, the President furious and everybody blames him for acting up out of jealousy.  With the presidental guards on his heels, Marco has to escape from the island and ends up on a log in the ocean. Just when Marco thinks that things cannot get any worse he is captured by pirates. However, to his surprise the pirates are not as bad as they seem: All heart-broken men, they have chosen the wild life at sea to forget about love and now want to help him forget Lulu and make him one of them.

In the meantime, back on the island a problem rises, literally from the ground. Because Carlo's Casino is indeed a giant robot! All of a sudden, Marco Macaco is Lulu’s only hope. Just when he is about to forget her, she manages to alert him with a message. And finally, Marco rises to the occasion to prove his true colours:  Fearless and determined, he sets out on an action- packed rescue mission including cannonballs, robots and a sea monster to save Lulu and the Island...

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Technical Details
Genre   Comedy / Family / Animation
Running Time   75 min


Production Year   2012
Format   1:1,85
Sound5.1 Digital Sound
Release     July 2012 / Denmark

Cast & Crew
Director Jan Rahbek, born 1980, has won a multitude of awards since he graduated from the National School of Denmark in 2008 as an animation director. His prizes include “Winner” of the Best Nordic-Baltic Student Film Competition 2009, of the Odense Animation Talent Award 2008 and of the Nordic talent Pitch Award 2008. Having completed some ten animation short films between 2001 and 2008, Jan Rahbek is now giving his debut as a feature film director with MARCO MACACO

Producer and writer Thomas Borch Nielsen founded Copenhagen-based animation studio Nice Ninja together with the award-winning team behind the successful animated feature SUNSHINE BARRY AND THE DISCO WORMS, which was sold to 78 countries. Thomas Borch Nielsen aims at having the same international potential in all his projects. An enthusiastic storyteller, he focuses on high-end character animation on a modest budget and loves to make a worldwide audience laugh.

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