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LOTTE AND THE MOONSTONE SECRET is now ready for Delivery. The feature was screened at numerous festivals. Berlinale Generations, NYICFF and TIFF Kids are just some of them.

Short Synopsis
In their last adventure, Klaus and his friends Fred and Ville took three stones from a secret temple. What they didn’t know is that the stones are the only way for the Moon Rabbits to get back home. While two of them, Tik and Rhiv, search for Klaus and the stones, Lotte and her uncle want to unlock the stones’ secrets. They have many adventures on their way to find Fred and Ville, during which they are followed by the two Moon Rabbits and Paul, the cat, who is also very interested in the mysterious stones.

LOTTE AND THE MOONSTONE SECRET features characters are already internationally well-known and established from LOTTE TRAVELLING SOUTH, a series of TV shorts that was sold to more than 20 territories, as well as the first feature LOTTE FROM GADGETVILLE (premiered at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival, sold into more than 40 territories). The family feature is aimed at the young (boys and girls, aged 3-8 years) and the young at heart who watch with them. LOTTE AND THE MOONSTONE SECRET is very much the kind of children’s film you thought they didn’t make anymore.

Light, but not lightweight, charming but not silly, genuinely funny
both in terms of visuals and dialogue, the ideas and situations stem
from characters who are fully-formed in their own right. LOTTE AND
THE MOONSTONE SECRET is a breath of animated fresh air.

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Technical Details
Genre      Family, Animation
Status     Ready for Delivery
Format 1:1,85
35 mm, 4 Reels
Digital Cinema 2D
Shot on         35mm filmrecording   
Sound    Dolby Digital
Language    English
Original Language      Estonian
Status        Ready for Delivery
Length     73 min
Country of Origin    Estonia, Latvia

Cast & Crew
Directors      Janno Põldma
Heiki Ernits
Skript Janno Põldma
Heiki Ernits
Andrus Kivirähk
Art DesignHeiki Ernits
Background Artist    Laima Puntule
Composers         Sven Grunberg,
Renars Kaupers
ProducersRiina Sildos,
Kalev Tamm
Vilnis Kalnaellis
Production Companies        EESTI JOONISFILM, Estonia,
Sola Media GmbH - Filderhauptstr. 49 - D-70599 Stuttgart - Phone +49 (0)711 9689 44 40 - Imprint