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Knight Rusty is in for the adventure of his life: Just as his dream of winning the big tournament comes true, he is falsely accused of theft. Stripped of his knightly honour and his castle, he sets out to redeem himself and to win back the heart of his damsel. Can he also defeat the evil prince and save the kingdom?

The Story
The kingdom of Scrapland is a magical world where the lines between machinery, people and animals are blurred: everybody is made out of scrap metal and everything is alive! Horses have engines just like motorbikes, toasters can form an army, and screwdrivers have a mind of their own. In this realm, ruled by King Leadfoot, lives Rusty the knight in a ramshackle, rusting castle together with his loyal little dragon Cole and Damsel Bo, a faithful friend who he tends to take for granted.

Rusty fantasizes about winning the great knights’ tournament against hot favourite and four-time winner Prince Novel and pictures himself on the winner’s rostrum, celebrated by the whole kingdom. Unfortunately, the engine of Rusty’s horse Chopper needs fixing. After the cog he takes from Bo’s sewing machine – her most valuable possession – is eaten by greedy cog beetles, disappointed Bo and Rusty visit the scrap yard.

At the stall of shady scrap dealer Honest Bob, Rusty claps eyes on a top notch engine and is determined to buy it for Chopper so that he can win the tournament. When Honest Bob refuses to let him pay later with the prize money, Rusty offers Bo’s sewing machine as collateral. With policemen already on his heels – for the engine is stolen – Honest Bob is more than willing to close the deal with unsuspecting Rusty. Bo is upset and hurt that Rusty always puts himself first and tramples all over her.

With his horse Chopper ten times faster than before, Rusty is a big hit at the knights’ tournament. In a nail-biting duel against Prince Novel, Rusty wins against all odds. The audience goes wild, Prince Novel boils with rage, and King Leadfoot is just about to hand over the prize money to Rusty – when Prince Novel recognizes Chopper’s engine as the one that was stolen from him! Triumphantly he accuses Rusty of theft, Rusty is stripped of his knightly honour and his Iron Castle closed. Even Rusty’s friends are appalled. Worst of all, Bo turns her back on Rusty and accepts Prince Novel’s invitation to move into his splendid castle.

Fortunately, little dragon Cole and his trusty horse Chopper are still on Rusty’s side. First of all, they recover Bo’s sewing machine and help the police track down Honest Bob, who turns out to be a dealer of stolen goods. Then, summoning all his courage and imagination, Rusty manages to gain access to Prince Novel’s castle, only to realize that he has to restore his knightly honour in order to win back Bo’s heart. To be re-instated as a knight, Rusty must slay a dragon and present its head to King Leadfoot as proof – a task that challenges his friendship with Cole! Eventually, they decide that true friends must stick together no matter what, and Cole leads Rusty to an abandoned mine, which is home to a fierce two-headed dragon. In the dark and scary mine, they defy all dangers including plummeting elevators, giant spiders, looping carts and finally the two-headed dragon called the Flame Brothers. More or less accidentally, one of the dragon heads is severed by a train, allowing Rusty to bring it back to King Leadfoot as the required trophy.

Meanwhile, Bo has realized that Prince Novel is anything but the knight in shining armour she has been dreaming of: Not only is he concocting a sinister plan to overthrow King Leadfoot and seize power, but he also holds a multitude of other damsels captive in his castle! She frees the damsels and hurries to warn the King, but Prince Novel is already marching against Scrapland. Without a true knight like Rusty everything would be lost – and so he rises to the occasion! After a gigantic battle with a dramatic show-down on an airship, all is well with the world again: Rusty is the hero of the day, the dragon’s head is re-attached, and evil Prince Novel is rebuilt into a new sewing machine for Bo.

The Producer
With her Munich-based production company Caligari Film, Gabriele Walther is often considered the leading lady of animation films in Germany. Having studied at the Munich Film Academy together with Roland Emmerich, she produced his first theatrical film,THE NOAH'S ARK PRINCIPLE , in 1984. In the following years, she collaborated with highly acclaimed directors such as Robert Dornhelm and Ulrich Edel and won several prizes for TV formats, including the German Comedy Award. In 2007, she was elected Bavarian entrepreneur of the year. Since 2009, she has been a member of the executive board of the German Producers’ Alliance.

Her greatest theatrical successes include animation films such as FELIX – A LITTLE RABBIT TRAVELS AROUND THE WORLD (2005), FELIX – THE TOY RABBIT AND THE TIME MACHINE (2006), THE MOONBEAM BEAR – THE GREAT ADVENTURE (2008), PRINCESS LILLIFEE (2009) PRINCESS LILLIFEE AND THE LITTLE UNICORN(2011). She not only landed box office hits with all of these animation films, but also with the thriller HELL (2011), which won several prizes including the German Film Award for 2012.

Technical Details
Genre   3D Animation / Family Feature
Running Time               85 minutes
Original Title   Ritter Rost
Based on Novels of the same title by Jörg Hilbert and Felix Janosa
Director Thomas Bodenstein
ProducerGabriele M. Walther
Production Company   Caligari Film, Munich
Co-Production Company      Universum Film
Ready for deliverySpring 2013
SoundDolby Digital

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