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A Family Film with World-Premiere at TIFF 2012
Sola Media presents a beautiful story, woven around the theme of migration, which will celebrate it's World-Premiere as part of the official selection at TIFF 2012! The film is internationally co-produced by UCM (Israel), Ulysses Film Produktion (Germany) and Yeti Films (Poland).

An estranged father and son are brought together by a young crane named Karl as they trace a family of birds on their migratory journey from Russia to Africa.

The Story
When Igor's mother decides for both of them to migrate from Russia to Israel, Igor must learn to face many new challenges, just as the baby crane he observed hatching must soon set out on his first migration. This is the story of an 11 years old boy and a crane, both on a journey that will change them forever.

Director's Statement
„I believe that "Igor and the Cranes’ Journey" touches the core of the migration experience: dealing with new surroundings, a new language etc. and above all with coming to terms with oneself. It is a test of personality and character – some pass it, others fail, but no one stays the same as before. This is a charming and moving story about the way a young boy deals with problems that even grown ups fail at and actually succeeds in a very unconventional way in our modernized world – by connecting to the world of nature. The adventure he goes through together with the cranes’ journey is exactly the adventure I would like to present to the audience - young people and also their parents.“ Evgeny Ruman

Technical Details
Genre   Family Feature, Live Action   
StatusReady for Delivery
Running Time               90 minutes
Original Title   Igor VeMasa Ha'Agurim
Based on Book of the same title by Aki Shavit
Director Evgeny Ruman
Production Company   UCM
Co-Production Companies              Ulysses Film Produktion
& Yeti Films
ProducersChilik Michaeli,
Avraham Pirchi,
Piotr Mularuk,
Magdalena Napieracz
Emely Christians
Tami Leon
Script   Dita Guery & Eitan Londner
Cast    Itai Shcherback (Igor),
Tomasz Sobczak (Peter) and
Ola Schur Selektar (Tanya)

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