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Norway’s most beloved Christmas story is directed by academy award nominee Nils Gaup and will be released by the Walt Disney Company Nordic in 2012.
A courageous girl sets out on a hazardous journey to find the Christmas Star in order to free the kingdom from a curse and bring back a long lost princess, but some mighty foes try to stop her.  A Christmas adventure for the whole family set in a magnificent winter wonderland.

The Story
Trying to escape from a gang of thieves, 14-year old Sonja is hiding in the king’s castle where she overhears the king telling a sad story: After his daughter, little Princess  Goldenhair, had disappeared in the dark forest on her search for the Christmas Star, the king, overwhelmed with grief, cursed the object of her disastrous search. Only if he finds the Christmas star, which was extinguished by his curse, within the few remaining days before next Christmas, Goldenhair will return to the castle – if not, she will be lost forever.

Sonja is determined to help the king and find the Christmas Star for him. However, the evil witch and the treacherous count have also set out on a mission – to thwart Sonja’s plan and get rid of the heiress to the throne forever!

On her adventurous journey, Sonja finds a variety of magical helpers. The forest elves show her the way to find the Christmas Star: all the way to the North Pole! Riding on the back of a big brown bear and soaring through the air on the North Wind are required to get there. How could a delicate girl like Sonja manage a trip so dangerous?

But Sonja is much braver and stronger than she seems. Always followed by the vicious count who even tries flying on a broomstick, she makes her way through the stunning, snow-clad mountain scenery and proves capable of taming the huge wild bear, climbing over dizzying mountain ridges and jumping into a chasm. Having arrived at Father Christmas’ workshop in the magical ice dome, she is let in on the secrets of how Christmas wishes come true – and can finally make a wish to find the Christmas Star! However, the quest is not over yet: Just when she finds what she was looking for, her mighty foes capture her. How can she reveal the truth about the Christmas Star – and find out the truth about herself?

Cast & Crew
Abounding with charming characters, fantasy elements and set in a gorgeous snow-clad mountain scenery, the plot contains the perfect ingredients for a magical and beautiful adventure film. A highly acclaimed Norwegian key crew is currently realizing this vision: Director Nils Gaup, whose PATHFINDER (OFELAS) received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film, is among the leading Scandinavian directors and has been known for repeatedly declining offers from Hollywood.

The production company Moskus Film AS (AGE OF HEROES) teams up with some of the most successful Norwegian producers like Jorgen Strom Rosenberg who realized box-office hits like MAGIC SILVER. The creative crew is completed by screenwriter Kamilla Krogsveen who penned the script for JORGEN + ANNE, the first Norwegian film in history to open the Children’s Film Festival in Berlin.

The cast includes highly acclaimed Norwegian actress Agnes Kittelson, the female lead in box office hit and Sundance International Film Festival winner HAPPY, HAPPY. As a drop-dead gorgeous witch, she radiates the fascination of the evil and is a perfect countertype for the lovely 12-year old newcomer Vilde Marie Zeiner as Sonja. Anders Baasmo Christiansen (KONTIKI, NORD) who plays the king was awarded the label “Shooting Star” as one of the ten best young European actors at the Berlinale 2010.

A unique opportunity to reach a broad audience lies in the cooperation with Disney, one of the most famous brands in entertainment worldwide. The timeless values the film conveys, along with its fantasy and magic, make JOURNEY TO THE CHRISTMAS STAR a perfect fit for the Walt Disney product portfolio.

Technical Details
Genre   Christmas Family Adventure
Running Time               77 minutes
Original Title   Reisen til Julestjernen
Based on Screenplay of the same title by Sverre Brandt
Director Nils Gaup (Academy Award Nominee for “Pathfinder”)
ProducersSigurd Mikal Karoliussen,
Jan Eirik Langøen
Executive Producers    Lasse Greve Alsos,
Jorgen Strom Rosenberg
Production Company   Moskus Film AS
Co-Production Company         Storm Rosenberg AS
Script   Kamilla Krogsveen
Cast    Agnes Kittelsen (Happy Happy),
Anders Basmo Christensen (Kontiki, North)
Scandinavian Distributor    The Walt Disney Company Nordic
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