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Kids in the Spotlight


Plot Summary

The documentary film KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT follows five children of the youth ensemble at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin, witnessing the exciting process from casting, through rehearsals, to the grand premiere in front of 2.000 viewers on the largest theater stage of the world. For the eleven year old Nick a long time dream is fulfilled when he passes the casting successfully. Non-conformist Luna (10) is passionate for ballet and soccer alike; Alex (16) casts one of the lead parts and is about to spread her wings while shy Maya (9) still has to gain self-confidence and find her place on stage and in life. Quite unlike Oscar, the YouTuber called ‘Ossi Glossy’ on the web: with his 500.000 subscribers the teenager is a star already – and is about to be torn between YouTube, school and the rehearsals every day.

KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT is a coming of age story that reveals much of the joy and pain that comes along with transcending from child- into adulthood. However, accompanying the children throughout their very first dancing classes and reading exercises, singing lessons, dress rehearsals, and all choreographic trainings the film also offers a behind the scenes look into the one and only professional children’s theater ensemble in Germany and the great effort of creating a kids revue of superlative scale.

The Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin houses the largest show stage worldwide and with 250 children runs the biggest kids and youth-company in Europe. What is especially remarkable is that all lead and minor parts are casted by children and that there is only live singing in all shows. Each year during the pre-Christmas season more than 50 shows are organized and presented to almost 2.000 viewers each time.

Category Documentary, Feature films, New completed films
Original title Lampenfieber
Status Completed
Running Time 92
Language German
Production Companies Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion
Producers Christian Beetz
Director Alice Agneskirchner
Format 16:9
Sound 5.1, 2.0
Year of Production 2019
Release 14.03.2019

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